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The Stutz Motor Company was a producer of luxury cars based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Production began in 1911 and continued until 1935. The marque reappeared in 1968 under the aegis of Stutz Motor Car of America, Inc., and with a newly defined modern retro-look. Although the company is still active today, actual sales of factory produced vehicles ceased in 1995. Throughout its history, Stutz was known as a producer of fast cars (America’s first sports car) and luxury cars for the rich and famous.

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Stutz Motor Company
1911–1925 Bearcat
1926–1935 8-Cylinder
Stutz Motor Car of America
1970–1987 Blackhawk (coupe)
1970–1979 – based on the Pontiac Grand Prix
1980–1987 – based on the Pontiac Bonneville
1979–1992 Bearcat (convertible)
1977 – a converted Blackhawk
1979 – based on the Pontiac Grand Prix
1980–1986 – based on the Pontiac Bonneville or Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale
1987–1992 – based on the Pontiac Firebird
1970–1980 Duplex/IV-Porte/Victoria (sedan)
197? Duplex
1977–1980 IV-Porte – based on the Pontiac Bonneville or Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale
1981– Victoria
Diplomatica/Royale (limousine)
Diplomatica – based on the Cadillac DeVille
Royale – super-long limo
1984– Defender/Gazelle/Bear – Chevrolet Suburban-based armored SUV
Gazelle – military SUV with mounted machine gun
Bear – four-door convertible