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Lotus Cars is a British manufacturer of sports and racing cars, famous for its Elise, Exige and Evora sports cars and for the highly successful Team Lotus in Formula 1. Lotus Cars is based at the former site of RAF Hethel, a World War II airfield in Norfolk. The company designs and builds race and production automobiles of light weight and fine handling characteristics. It also owns the engineering consultancy Lotus Engineering, which has facilities in the United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia and China.
Lotus is owned by DRB Hicom through its subsidiary Proton, which acquired it following the bankruptcy of former owner Romano Artioli in 1994.

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Lotus Mark I (1948): Austin 7 based sports car
Lotus Mark II (1949–1950): Ford-powered trials car
Lotus Mark III (1951): 750 cc formula car
Lotus Mark IV (1952): Trials car
Lotus Mark V (1952): 750 cc formula car, never built
Lotus Mark VI (1953–1955): The first “production” racer, about 100 built
Lotus Seven (1957–1970): A minimalist open sports car designed to manoeuvre a racing circuit.
Lotus Mark VIII (1954): sports racer, MG 1.5 L
Lotus Mark IX (1955): sports racer, shorter and improved Eight
Lotus Mark X (1955): sports racer for larger displacement, Bristol/BMW 2 L
Lotus Eleven (1956–1957): small displacement sports racer (750 – 1500 cc)
Lotus 12 (1956–1957): Formula Two and Formula One racecar
Lotus 13: Designation not used
Lotus 14 (1957–1963): Lotus Elite, the first production street car
Lotus 15 (1958-1960): Sports racer, update of the Mk.X, Climax 1.5 – 2.5 L
Lotus 16 (1958–1959): F1/F2 car, “Miniature Vanwall”
Lotus 17 (1959): Lighter sports racer update of the 11 in response to Lola Mk.I
Lotus 18 (1960–1961): First mid-engined Lotus single seater—Formula Junior/F2/F1
Lotus 19 (1960–1962): Mid-engined larger displacement sports racer, “Monte Carlo”
Lotus 20 (1961): Formula Junior
Lotus 21 (1961): Formula One
Lotus 22 (1962–1965): Formula Junior/F3
Lotus 23 (1962–1966): Small displacement mid-engined sports racer
Lotus 24 (1962): Formula One
Lotus 25 (1962–1964): Formula One World Champion
Lotus 26 (1962–1971): Lotus Elan, production street sports car
Lotus 26R (1962-1966): Racing version of Elan
Lotus 27 (1963): Formula Junior
Lotus 28 (1963–1966): Lotus version of the Ford Cortina street/racer
Lotus 29 (1963): Indy car, Ford all-aluminium OHV small block V8
Lotus 30 (1964): Large displacement sports racer (Ford small block V8)
Lotus 31 (1964–1966): Formula Three space frame racer
Lotus 32 (1964–1965): Monocoque F2 and Tasman Cup racer
Lotus 33 (1964–1965): Formula One World Champion
Lotus 34 (1964): Indy car, DOHC Ford V8
Lotus 35 (1965): F2/F3/FB
Lotus 36 (1965–1968): Elan Fixed Head Coupe (Type 26 could be fitted with a removable hard top)
Lotus 38 (1965): Indy winning mid-engined car
Lotus 39 (1965–1966): Tasman Cup formula car
Lotus 40 (1965): Improved(?) version of the 30
Lotus 41 (1965–1968): Formula Three, Formula Two, Formula B
Lotus 42 (1967): Indy car, Ford V8
Lotus 43 (1966): Formula One
Lotus 44 (1967): Formula Two
Lotus 45 (1966–1974): Convertible (Drop Head Coupe) Elan with permanent side window frames.
Lotus 46 (1966–1968): Original Renault-engined Europa
Lotus 47 (1966–1970): Racing version of Europa
Lotus 48 (1967): Formula Two
Lotus 49 (1967–1969): Formula One World Champion
Lotus 50 (1967–1974): Lotus Elan +2, four-seat production car
Lotus 51 (1967–1969): Formula Ford
Lotus 52 (1968): Prototype Europa Twin Cam
Lotus 53 (1968): Small displacement sports racer, never built
Lotus 54 (1968–1970): Series 2 ‘Europa’ production car.
Lotus 55 (1968): F3
Lotus 56 (1968–1969): Indy turbine wedge
Lotus 56B (1971): F1 turbine wedge
Lotus 57 (1968): F2 design study
Lotus 58 (1968): F1 design study
Lotus 59 (1969–1970): F2/F3/Formula Ford
Lotus LX (1960): Lotus Elite built to win at Le Mans with a 2.0 L FPF engine.
Lotus 60 (1970–1973): Lotus Seven S4, Greatly modified version of the Seven
Lotus 61 (1969): Formula Ford, “the wedge”
Lotus 62 (1969): prototype Europa racer
Lotus 63 (1969): 4-wheel drive F1
Lotus 64 (1969): 4-wheel drive Indy car, did not compete
Lotus 65 (1969–1971): Federalized Europa S2
Lotus 66: designation not used
Lotus 67 (1970): Proposed Tasman Cup car, never built
Lotus 68 (1969): F5000 prototype
Lotus 69 (1970): F2/F3/Formula Ford
Lotus 70 (1970): F5000/Formula A
Lotus 71: Undisclosed design study
Lotus 72 (1970–1972): Formula One World Champion
Lotus 73 (1972–1973): F3
Lotus 74 (1971–1975): Europa Twin Cam production car
Lotus 75 (1974–1982): Elite II, Luxury 4-seat GT
Lotus 76 (1974): F1, redundant designation
Lotus 76 (1975–1982): Éclat S1, fastback version of Elite II, redundant designation
Lotus 77 (1976): F1
Lotus 78 (1977–1978): F1 ground effects car
Lotus 79 (1975-1980) Lotus Esprit, street GT,[16] redundant designation
Lotus 79 (1978–1979): Formula One World Champion, redundant designation
Lotus 80 (1979): F1
Lotus 81 (1979-1980): Sunbeam Talbot Lotus, redundant designation
Lotus 81 (1980–1981): F1, redundant designation
Lotus 82 (1982–1987): Turbo Esprit, street GT car
Lotus 83 (1980): Elite series 2
Lotus 84 (1980–1982): Éclat series 2
Lotus 85 (1980–1987): Esprit series 3
Lotus 86 (1980–1983): F1 dual chassis, never raced
Lotus 87 (1980–1982): F1
Lotus 88 (1981): F1 dual chassis car, banned
Lotus 89 (1982–1992): Lotus Excel GT, re-engineered Éclat
Lotus 90: Unreleased Elan/Toyota
Lotus 91 (1982): F1
Lotus 92 (1983): F1
Lotus 93T (1983): F1 Turbo
Lotus 94T (1983): F1 Turbo
Lotus 95T (1984): F1 Turbo
Lotus 96T (1984): Indy car project, abandoned
Lotus 97T (1985–1986): F1 Turbo
Lotus 98T (1986–1987): F1 Turbo
Lotus 99T (1987): F1 Turbo, last Lotus F1 winner
Lotus 100T (1988): F1 Turbo
Lotus Elan (Type M100) (1989–1995): Front-drive convertible Elan.
Lotus 101 (1989): F1
Lotus 102 (1990–1991): F1
Lotus 103 (1990): F1, not produced
Lotus 104 (1990–1992): Lotus Carlton, tuned version of the Vauxhall saloon.
Lotus 105 (1990): Racing X180R, IMSA Supercars Drivers Champ (Doc Bundy)
Lotus 106 (1991): X180R, roadgoing homologation special
Lotus 107 (1992–1994): F1
Lotus 108 (1992): a bicycle ridden by Chris Boardman to win a gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, also known as the “LotusSport Pursuit Bicycle”.
Lotus 109 (1994): F1, Last Lotus F1 car.
Lotus 110: Production version of type 108 bicycle
Lotus 111: Lotus Elise
Lotus 112: Partial F1 design, reached as far as the monocoque buck
Lotus 113: Number not allocated
Lotus 114 (1996): Lotus Esprit GT1 race car
Lotus 115 (1997–1998): Lotus Elise GT1 race car
Lotus 116: Vauxhall VX220 / Opel Speedster, a collaboration with GM
Lotus 117: Lotus Elise Mk2[citation needed]
Lotus 118: Lotus M250, two-seat mid-range sports car concept unveiled in Autumn of 1999, project cancelled in 2001
Lotus 119: Soapbox Derby car made of carbon and aluminium, disc brakes, no engine, for Goodwood Festival of Speed
Lotus 120 (1998): Elise V6, code named M120, never produced
Lotus 121 (2006): Europa S 
Lotus 122: Lotus Evora
Lotus 123: Lotus 2-Eleven
Lotus 124: Lotus Evora, race car
Lotus 125: Lotus Exos 

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